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Posted by admin on October 12th, 2016


First and foremost, we'd like to thank you for all support we've received via twitter @OutFragOLT. We do our best listening to community's opinions for they value high and are taken into great consideration. From a competitive player's perspective, we have many ideas and rewards for members that play daily on our site. From tournaments, wagers to ladders. Yes, there will be a membership (Elite) to the players that want to take gaming to the next level which details shall be released soon. 

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Where do you want to take OutFrag?

"Currently, we are focused on keeping this site strictly for the Search and Destroy community. We're taking this in a different approach for we believe that's what it takes for Call of Duty Esports franchise to grow. Personally, Search & Destroy has been the most entertaining game mode since it's been out for competitive. Nothing is more intense than a game 5 Round 11, to determine who takes  the victory home. What holds for us in the future is to host our very own Events. Bringing the same players that play daily in our online tournaments onto the front of our mainstage."


What made you decide to make OutFrag & how did it get it's name?

"Geoff and I (part owner and business partner) knew each other for about 6-7 years. We go way back and met each other on Call of Duty: Black ops. I was a competitive player then and always ranted about how much I loved not only playing the game, but watching it as a player. Geoff was just getting started to learn the basic's of the console scene due to he was a PC player majority of the time. We started playing tournaments together and became close ever since then. We always had trust in one another. From growing old and seeing how big Esports is becoming, we became more of a viewer rather than a player and saw a lot of potential for it's only going to gradually get bigger. We always thought to ourselves we should host our own little tournaments since we loved watching so much. Why not support it? We blew off the idea so many times and even eventually just split ways for awhile. Not because we had problems, just life hit and had to do our own thing which took us away from gaming. Few months later, Geoff messaged me on Skype saying he finally got a website going for the tournaments. I thought it was going to be another thing to where we blew it off, but I saw the screenshots of it and he was not only serious, but spent a lot of money already to get this thing going. That day we were stuck on trying to think of a name. At the time Geoff and I would be playing Counter-strike day in and day out. We came up with the name while playing. Top frag in Counter-strike meant you were the guy at the top of the leaderboards doing work. Bottom frag meant the opposite. Find a middle ground between those two and we thought about the name Outfrag. The meaning to us is to outdo your competition. Outplay, outsmart, outfrag. Ever since then it's just been a lot of work with two guys creating a website with our own ideas and experience throughout the years of online gaming. We both want this to go far and truly love doing this for the players. There's no better feeling than watching a game I love and support on something myself created for all."

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